Commercial Leasing with Somerville Hino Toronto

When you’re a business owner, it’s important to consider where your money is going at all times. With leasing, you’re allowed the freedom to choose what vehicle, for how long, and for how much. Shouldn’t life always be that easy? We can help you design your dream fleet of commercial vehicles, or find you the one.

Truck Leasing for Business is Easy

At Somerville Hino, we’re able to help your business lease the right truck for the job. When you lease your cabover or box truck with us, you’ll have access to a range of flexible leasing options that can make commercial leasing seem like a dream come true.

Why Lease?

Easy planning; there are no long-term commitments here

Save money by leasing what you need, when you need it

Buyout options available if you’ve found the perfect fit

Allocate resources as-needed

Find the ideal vehicle for your business needs

Hino for Commercial Drivers

Trucks and vans have always been, and always will be, two of the best ways to get things done. Why is that? With spacious cargo areas, easy visibility, and the strength to carry almost any load you’ll need, trucks and vans have other body styles beat.

We have a wide selection of new and pre-owned Hinos to choose from. Whether you want to reap the benefits of a pre-upfitted Hino, or you’re looking for the latest and greatest technology that a new Hino has to offer your business, there’s no better place in the city to find your next commercial vehicle than here at Somerville Hino. We’re trusted across Canada as a premier Hino dealership, and a reliable source of information, insights, and inventory.

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