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Explore Hino truck upfitting options for your business in the GTA

When it comes to purchasing dependable trucks for your fleet, more Canadian business owners choose Hino than any other truck brand on the market. But besides the quality engineering and trustworthiness associated with Hino trucks, they also offer incredible versatility that is important to many businesses. No matter what task you need your truck to do, Hino offers endless possibilities for truck upfitting - and Somerville Hino is here to help you build the truck you need to get the job done right.

Your Hino, Your Way - Upfitting Options for Your Commercial Fleet

So what exactly is truck upfitting? Upfitting your fleet simply refers to making modifications to your trucks that suit the needs of your specific business. These modifications can include things like installing shelving, snow plows and salters, towing packages, refrigeration units, flatbeds or even adding company decals to your fleet for branding. For many business owners, truck upfitting is an essential part of ensuring that your fleet can get the job done easily, quickly and safely. At Somerville Hino, we help hundreds of local businesses from across the GTA with their Hino truck upfitting needs each and every year. Here are just a few of the industries that take advantage of Hino’s endless truck upfitting options:

snow removal

Landscapers and Snow Removal

Add salters and plows to your fleet for winter snow removal, and ramps to the trailer for your riding lawn mowers in the summer months. You can also add storage solutions to keep buckets, tools and supplies organized and safely stored. Take care of your snowplow drivers who spend long hours in the cold with heated seats.


Construction and Auto Industry

Hino’s big trucks can be upfitted to handle big jobs with ease. Install a flatbed for transporting heavy equipment and cars, or cranes and specialty towing systems for lifting or hauling oversize loads. Somerville Hino can also help you upfit your unit with open, or covered, box beds and hydraulic rams for your filling and dumping needs.

glaziers, electrical and HVAC

Glaziers, Electric and HVAC

Your trade has unique needs! Upfit your Hino with custom shelving units, drawers, cabinets and flatbeds, so that you can safely transport heavy and breakable goods, like panes of glass, slabs, heating and cooling units, and more. Somerville Hino has experience helping businesses find solutions for their unique needs.


Delivery Services

The delivery sector has exploded in the GTA, and there are endless upfitting options for food, furniture, flowers and myriad other delivery services. We can help with covered refrigeration units, custom shelving to keep your plants or cakes safe during transportation, tie-down solutions to keep your cargo secure and so much more.

Choosing the Right Hino Truck for Your Business

Looking to buy a new Hino truck to start your business, or add trucks to your growing commercial fleet? We can help! It’s important to start with the right style of truck for the job, and the Somerville Hino team can walk you through the different types of Hinos that will best suit your needs. 

Your upfitting options can vary depending on whether you purchase a new or used Hino truck. For example, brand new Hino trucks offer endless upfitting options, while used Hinos might already be upfitted, providing great value for a great truck. Be sure to ask your Somerville Hino team member about your Hino truck-buying options.

No Job is Too Big or Too Small for Somerville Hino

Whether your company has grown to include a massive commercial fleet, or you’re operating your local business with a single truck, Somerville Hino can help with your upfitting needs. Our experienced team can walk you through your options, and answer your questions about pricing, warranties and more. We are proud to support all of our local business owners from across the GTA - no job is too big or too small for Somerville Hino. Ready to get started? Reach out to one of our experienced team members at either of our two convenient Somerville Hino locations to start discussing upfitting solutions for your Hino fleet!


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