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Should I Finance My Hino?

Around two-thirds of all commercial vehicles are financed. That statistic is a startling but unsurprising one. Financing creates several advantages for businesses, especially for those looking to create a fleet for their company. Spreading the cost allows a business the time and space in which to grow, before expanding once more for further future growth. The reasons why you should choose Somerville Hino for financing are quite clear, let’s check them out below.

The Hino Belongs to Your Business

Financing a Hino is no different from financing a personal vehicle when it comes to payments. Once the final payment is made, the truck belongs to your business and there will be no further payments required. When you finance your Hino at Somerville Hino in Toronto, you’re working with the best.

Newer, Bolder, Better

When you finance a Hino truck, you may be able to get a newer truck than you would otherwise get when buying used. Our truck features are always being updated and renewed,  and this could lead to more savings down the road for your business.

Repairs, Maintenance, Warranty

All commercial vehicles need repairs and maintenance periodically. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a small delivery truck for your business needs, or you require a fleet of larger box trucks, they will all need to be serviced regularly by professional technicians. When you’re financing a new Hino you will also be treated to Hino’s impressive warranty.

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