Hino Truck Upfitting Options

By: Somerville Hino   |   19 Oct 2019
Hino truck being used for landscaping in GTA

The Right Work Truck for Every Sector

GTA companies love Hinos. It’s not just the superior engineering that’s put into these commercial vehicles or even the comprehensive warranties that protect business owners through years of use -- it’s how easy these trucks are to customize to your specific trade. Hinos are designed to be upfitted. All models start with a strong chassis to build on, with boxes, cranes, flatbeds and winches available for add-on. From there, make your Hino work for your trade or sector with countless additional parts and custom upfitting options.

Hino for Construction & Landscaping

On the job site, nothing handles work like a Hino. Opt for a crew cab base to make transporting your crew fast and easy. Covered boxes work perfectly for getting materials or plants to the job site or use your Hino to haul heavy equipment using a flatbed. Need to cart loads of dirt or gravel to and from the project? We offer open box beds with hydraulic rams to meet your dumping and filling needs. Somerville Hino can also upfit your unit with a variety of cranes for lifting prefabbed cement fixtures, rocks and full-grown trees for planting.

Hino work truck upfitted with crane for construction

Hino for Electric & HVAC

Our light-duty trucks, including Toronto’s favourite -- Hino 195, are ideal for the trade world. The units are smaller, making them easier to maneuver through residential areas. When it comes to custom truck parts, your Hino can be equipped with shelving units, drawers, generators and more, allowing electricians and HVAC workers to bring everything they need to the home they are servicing.

Hino for Glaziers

Other trades have more unique needs -- like companies who need to transport large, heavy and breakable goods like glass panes and slabs of granite, quartz or marble. Hinos have the space and power to handle difficult cargo and with upfitting options including custom glass shelves and flatbeds with ample loading room. Even if your company requires parts that are more difficult to source or construct, Somerville Hino can find a solution.

Hino for Deliveries

When it comes to transporting goods, nothing does the job like a Hino. From furniture to frozen foods, these work trucks combine maximum space with advanced engineering to make deliveries more simple. We offer refrigeration boxes for optimum product freshness along with shelving to ease the loading and unloading process. Whether your route takes you across the city or across the continent, there’s a Hino that’s the right size for the job at hand.

Hino commercial vehicle used for water delivery


At Somerville Hino, our Sales Managers will help you identify which Hino model best meets your company’s requirements. Then, we’ll pair you with our Service Centre to begin customizing the truck to suit your exact trade or line of work. Using our team to install any additional parts gives your business the protection of Hino’s broad warranties and ensures that your vehicle will be in the best working order possible. Contact our Hino experts today to begin crafting your ideal commercial truck.


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