Hino vs Peterbilt - Why Hinos Serve the City Best

There’s no denying it -- both Hino and Peterbilt have well-deserved reputations when it comes to quality and power in the trucking world. But all trucks are not created equal and you may be surprised to learn that each brand caters to different hauling needs. Find out why we're proud to say that Hino takes the top spot for almost all Toronto-based trucking applications: from delivery to glaziers and more.

Long or Short Haul?

Long-haul rigs are structured very differently than delivery trucks and trucks with short, inner-city routes. If you have a business that requires a lot of GTA travel, a heavy-duty conventional will be difficult to maneuver. Light and medium-duty trucks serve short hauls better as they are shorter in structure, more narrow and more fuel-efficient.

2020 Hino XL

Long & Short Haul

Hino has been Canadian-assembled for almost a century and focuses on light and medium-duty rigs. The brand caters to landscaping companies, mobile mechanics, HVAC businesses, delivery, refridgerated units, construction companies and more. With the new Hino XL Series, Hino now provides heavy-duty conventionals as well that can serve multiple distances strongly!

Power Specs

Hino offers a broad range of power with light, medium and heavy-duty trucks. We have options from 14,500 lbs GVWR all the way up to 54,600 lbs GVWR. Both cab-overs and conventional units are available depending on your business needs.


Long Haul

Peterbilt trucks hail from Texas and are tailored to long-haul trucking: think transporting hard goods from California to Washington. They are big, powerful and designed for open highway travel. The company offers few strong options for medium-duty needs and none for light-duty!

Power Specs

Peterbilt doesn't quite max out the power scales at 52,000 lbs (compared to the Hino XL with over 54,000) but only goes as low as 26,000lbs with one cab-over model manufactured. More options are supplied in their on-highway and vocational truck lines, none of which serve the inner-city driver as well as Hinos.


Looking to customize your chassis? Both Hino and Peterbilt offer upfitting options for medium-duty conventional trucks but only Hino provides solutions for light-duty customizations. This makes Hino a great choice for GTA flooring installers, food delivery services, moving companies and so much more. Our Service Department at Somerville Hino can help you build the perfect rig for your business from the ground up.

Find the Right Hino

Somerville Hino offers a large inventory of new and used Hino trucks in all size categories. View our selection online now or reach out to one of our account managers to find out more about our quality commercial vehicles.

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