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Versatile Hino Trucks to Meet Your Needs

Landscaping is a booming industry in the GTA, but its seasonality means that you have unique needs when it comes to growing your fleet. Somerville Hino can help! Not only will our leasing experts help you find the perfect new or used Hino trucks for your landscaping company, but we’ll also walk you through the many benefits of commercial truck leases for seasonal businesses.

Truck and Leasing Options for Landscapers

Fleet Solutions - Landscaping - Affordable Used Trucks

Affordable Used Trucks

Many landscaping industry professionals prefer to buy pre-fitted used trucks. At Somerville Hino, we proudly stock affordable used trucks and vans to meet the needs of our customers.

Fleet Solutions - Landscaping - Flexible Leasing

Flexible Leasing Solutions

Many local landscapers need flexible leasing options due to the seasonality of the industry. Find the right trucks, pricing, and terms to suit the unique needs of your company.

Fleet Solutions - Landscaping - Upfitting

Adapt & Grow Your Fleet

Considering the snow removal business during the off-season? Upfit your fleet for plowing and salting, and talk to our team about affordable equipment rentals and leasing

Fleet Solutions - Landscaping - Custom trucks

The Right Trucks for the Job

Hino trucks are reliable, versatile, comfortable, and easy to customize. Add bins, boxes, storage solutions, ramps, and so much more. Your Hino, your way.

Toronto’s Landscapers Trust Hino

Whether this is your first season in the landscaping industry or you’re planning on scaling your fleet quickly this summer, Somerville Hino is here to help every step of the way. It’s important to find trucks and vans that suit the needs of your business, and also to discuss commercial truck leasing solutions that will protect your company for the long haul. We’ve spent decades working with local businesses from across the GTA, and we’re eager to use our years of experience to help your landscaping company thrive. Let’s get started - contact Somerville Hino today!


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