Why Attracting More Women is Crucial for the Trucking Industry

By: Brenden Somerville   |   03 Nov 2017
Woman truck driver

Tractor trailers, dump trucks, cab over delivery trucks, there is an almost endless amount of commercial trucks on our roads. This is actually a good thing because it shows that the economy is healthy. Here in Canada, the problem isn’t how many trucks are on the road, it’s finding qualified people to drive them. The fact is, there is a trucker shortage in Canada, but that is providing a long overdue opportunity to attract more women to the world of commercial trucking.


Why the Shortage?

As older truck drivers and technicians retire, there are fewer and fewer young people stepping up to take their places. Specifically, the life of a truck driver isn’t for everyone; sitting for extended periods of time can take a toll on a person’s body, and the solitude of driving a truck can also cause stress. In fact, according to the Canadian Trucking Alliance, there could be a shortage of 48,000 commercial truck drivers in Canada by 2024. Bringing more women into the trucking industry can go a long way in improving these trends.


Current Numbers

Only 27% of people in the trucking industry are female while Canada’s workforce as a whole is comprised of 48% women. Clearly, there is a lot of room for improvement. Of all the women in the trucking industry, more than 30% are senior managers or supervisors. There are very few women who drive or maintain commercial trucks.


“We need to make sure we are reaching out to all talent pools. It’s not about affirmative action, it’s about not overlooking 50% of our labor pool.” - Angela Splinter, CEO Trucking HR Canada

Group of women

Resources for Women

Thankfully, there are programs in place aimed at attracting qualified women to the trucking industry, which can only mean good things for the future. Trucking HR Canada is one group that organizes information sessions and network events for women interesting in the trucking industry. They also offer a wide range of resources on their website. The Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada is a non-profit group focused on promoting and encouraging women’s participation in the world of commercial trucks.


Somerville Hino is dedicated to helping Canada’s trucking industry grow and prosper. A big part of a thriving industry is having plenty of qualified people driving and maintaining the wide range of commercial trucks on our roads and women are a crucial to a strong trucking industry.

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