3 Reasons the Hino 195 is Better Than the Isuzu NRR

By: Brenden Somerville   |   20 Dec 2017
Hino on a podium

Towing, landscaping, delivery—the cab-over truck market is a big one in Canada, with all sorts of industries relying on commercial trucks to help their businesses thrive and grow. Two of the most popular medium duty trucks available are the Hino 195 and the Isuzu NRR. While both are popular medium duty trucks, there are a few areas where the Hino 195 is simply a better option.

Ride Quality and Driver Comfort

The average person probably doesn’t understand how important it is for a truck to be ergonomic and comfortable. Drivers spend countless hours behind the wheel and if they aren’t comfortable it will take a toll on their bodies. The 2018 Hino 195, compared to the Isuzu NRR, is incredibly comfortable and easy to get in-and-out of. Driver’s can thank Hino’s unique magnetic suspension driver’s seat for providing such a comfortable ride. The Hino 195 was also designed with your cargo in mind. For carriers transporting shock-sensitive cargo, the Hino 195 comes with an optional air suspension system to help protect your goods and ensure they arrive safe-and-sound.


“The difference between a comfortable ergonomic seat cushion makes all the difference when compared to a regular seat cushion. Not only does the ergonomic seat cushion provide much-needed support, but it also feels more comfortable to sit down on for hours at a time.”

- TruckersTraining.com

Stronger Frames

Depending on the industry you’re in, your trucks could take a beating. Construction sites are no place for a weak truck. The Hino 195 is anything but weak; in fact, the 195 has a stronger frame than the Isuzu NRR. With a Resisting Bending Moment (RBM) of 422,900 in.-lb. compared to the NRR’s  316,800 in.-lb, the Hino 195’s frame is up to 33% stronger.


“It's no secret that Hino probably builds the most dependable medium duty truck out there for the money. Uptime is critical for us during the summer months, so when we were in the market for a new service vehicle, the only logical choice was the Hino 195.”

- Carrier Transicold

Hino 5 year Warranty

A Wicked Warranty

A commercial truck needs to be reliable and do what you need of it for years to come. If there is ever an issue you need to know you’ll be looked after. Hino stands behind its vehicles with a 5-year warranty that ensures your investment will be protected. Hino trucks also come with HinoWatch 24/7 Roadside Assistance, so you’ll never be left stranded. Isuzu’s base warranty, however, is only 3-years. A lot can happen in those two years, so make the right choice and go with a Hino 195.

If you think the Hino 195 might be the right truck for your company’s needs, contact our team to experience the Hino 195 and find out.



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