When to Lease Your Commercial Vehicle

By: Somerville Hino   |   23 Aug 2018
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Making the decision to lease, finance, or buy your commercial vehicle outright can be a difficult one. We’re here to help make the decision easier. As Toronto and Mississauga’s go-to source for commercial trucks and work vehicles, we’ve seen it all. Here’s what you need to know about leasing your next fleet of work vehicles.

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Need to Stay Current?

Leasing is a great option if you work in an industry where vehicle technology and your needs evolve quickly. With a lease, you’re able to simply return the vehicle once your term is up, then move into a lease for another newer vehicle that may have new technology and different features than the last. If having a fleet that has the latest and greatest features, updated and improved fuel economy, and upfitted features, leasing might be for you. The latest Hino inventory is always readily available.

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Save Your Business Capital

Typically, leased trucks are newer and require less maintenance than their older siblings. This means that you’ll be paying less money out-of-pocket than if you were to purchase an older selection of fleet vehicles outright.

You’ll also often find that leased work trucks are under a factory warranty such as our Hino Warranty that will protect against added expenses. You’ll get premium protection, parts coverage, mechanical protection, and HinoWatch roadside assistance. This coverage will help save you time and money, without needing to worry. Learn more about our warranty program here.

In addition to saving you money on repairs and maintenance, leasing your next Hino truck can also save you money by minimizing the amount of capital you need to invest upfront. This means that you can save your cash to invest back into your business, without having it go towards the purchase of a vehicle. You’ll simply have your monthly payments to worry about, which represent a small fraction of the total purchase price. Perhaps a new coffee maker for the office is in order?

Flexibility for your Fleet

We know that business needs can change, and that’s why we offer flexible leasing programs. You never know what the future might throw at you, so whether you’re looking for box vans or work trucks, planning ahead with a smart lease can make life easier.

With flexible lease options, we can set you up with different options:

1 IconDiffering lease terms (how long your lease is, in months)

2 IconEarly termination options (if you might need to end the lease or upgrade sooner than planned)

3 iconPurchase options (if you may wish to purchase the vehicle you’re leasing)

4 IconMileage allowances and charges

5 IconOpen-ended leasing

Just to name a few! We’re able to work together to create a plan that is best for you and your unique business needs. The expert sales team here at Somerville Hino know how important the right fleet can be and always work hard to source the best options. Reach out or stop by today; we’re ready to help your fleet succeed.

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