Hino Truck Troubleshooting

By: Somerville Hino   |   24 Dec 2018
Hin Canada Warranty

With the best quality in the business, and an impressive warranty program for all new Hinos sold, it’s hard to believe that you’ll ever experience any mechanical troubles. Just in case, we have compiled a quick list to make sure you know what to do if the need arises.

Stuck EGR Valve

We have a full article available on how to fix your EGR valve if it does happen to give you any trouble. If you start to notice problems with acceleration and power, rough idling sensations, or a check engine light, these might be warning signs that your EGR valve might be faulty.  The most telling of all is a rough time accelerating and getting up to your desired speed, as the valve is directly related to your engine's cylinders firing. It's an easy fix though, not to worry! Check out our article on how to resolve the issue or visit our service department today!

Check Engine Light

A check engine light is relatively universal and can mean a variety of things. Sometimes they’re detailed in your owner’s manual, and for others, you may need a diagnostic. Whatever the case may be, do not just let it slide. A check engine light can mean a simple problem or something more serious; it’s never worth the risk.
A check engine light is most often related to engine components, but that isn’t always the case. They say you’re better safe than sorry, and we agree. Always investigate the cause of a check engine light with the help of a trained Hino mechanic.

Trouble Starting Your Hino: Battery Woes

In our Canadian winter climate, drivers often think that the cause of their truck struggling to start is the cold. While it’s possible, the answer is usually even easier to deal with! Most startup problems are usually related to your truck’s battery.

Here are some quick battery tips to get your engine roaring:

- Check to see if your battery terminals are loose, disconnected, or corroded
- Is the battery discharged?
- Is your battery relay switch connected?
- Check your starter and magnetic switches to ensure they’re operating properly

If your starter is working fine but eh vehicle is hesitating to start, consider the following:
- Check your pistons
- Check bearings for any seizures
- Check your injection pump plunger to ensure that it isn’t seized
These two lists should give you a quick jumping off point to investigate potential problems starting your Hino.
For any of our tips, be sure to always work safely. If you’re not sure what’s what under the hood or would prefer the help of a professional Hino mechanic, contact our service team and we would be happy to help.

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