New Year, New Hinos

By: Somerville Hino   |   07 Jan 2019
Toyota’s Hino, XL7, XL8, Hino trucks

Toyota’s Hino has entered the American market successfully and has stood its ground against the most well-established manufacturers. The current Class 4 to Class 7 Models sold well and are performing well, which is why the brand has significantly risen in popularity over time.

Given its growing success, Hino is expanding its reach and entering into the heavy-duty truck market. The company faces a lot of competition in this category as there are some well-established names. Experts believe Hino will have to carve out a niche in this segment. If you go by their performance during the 2018 Work Truck Show Indianapolis, IN, they might just succeed.

Two New Models

Hino announced two new models at the 2018 show; XL7 and XL8. Both are for the heavy duty truck market. The President and CEO of Hino Trucks North America stated that both their customers and dealers had wished for a heavy duty option with Hino truck’s reliable performance and quality.

The XL7 and XL8 are designed to fulfill that demand. The XL line will include trucks and tractors of various combinations. They will range from GVWR between 30,000 lbs and 60,000 lbs as well as GCVR of up to 66,000 lbs.

Both trucks are going to be conventional cab style vehicles. They will be powered by the company’s tried and tested A09 8.9 liter, six-cylinder turbodiesel engine. The engine is capable of producing around 1,500 pound-feet of torque and 360 horsepower, which means the truck is very capable.

This engine has been in over 50,000 trucks globally with great results. It is manufactured in-house by Hino under strict quality control. However, other parts of the truck are manufactured by wellknown OEMs. Here’s a look at the different manufacturer’s involved:

The axles are designed and manufactured by Dana.

Hendrickson handles the suspension.

Front and rear brakes, both drum and disks, are manufactured by Bendix.

Wabco manufactures the anti-lock brakes.

Allison makes the standard transmissions.

Buyers can also choose models with Eaton transmissions.

These are familiar brands with a proven record in the industry. You can find them in several other truck brand as well.

XL7 Engine

This tried and test engine provides a sturdy performance over a long time. Business owners and contractors can use the truck every day to carry all kinds of loads without seeing a drop in performance. Here’s a look at some of the engine features:

check markIncline 6-Cylinder engine

check mark541 cu in or 8.9l displacement

check mark17:1 compression ratio

check mark300 to 360 HP range

check mark900 to 1150 lb ft torque range

check markLife rating of 1,000,000 miles

These are the characteristics of the A09 engine. With proper maintenance, this block will last for a long time and deliver reliable performance.


Interior Comfort


Truck drivers often travel over several hundred miles and spend nearly the entire day in the truck’s cabin. Hino has designed the cabin to be completely comfortable with features like:

check markAir conditioning

check markTelescopic and full tilt steering

check markCruise control

check markLED information and center display

check markIn-Dash USB charging port

check markAM/FM radio with Bluetooth and a CD player

The interior seating is also made from a comfortable material and is well-designed. This allows you to go on long hauls without experiencing too much discomfort.


Safety Features


Truck driving can be a risky affair. It is important to get a vehicle with great safety systems in place. The XL series trucks are carefully designed and include advantages like:


check markLane departure warning with cameras that tell you when you’re leaving the lane.

check markElectronic lane stability control to ensure the vehicle remains steady and to reduce the chances of a roll-over.

check markCollision mitigation system with active braking in all visibility conditions. This can reduce the risk of accidents.

These safety features make the XL series trucks ideal for business owners and professionals.


Additional Features


The XL comes with a wide range of other unique features that make this truck a worthwhile purchase. These include:

check mark80 degree door opening

check markFifth wheel with light

check markExterior grab handle

check markHorizontal or vertical stack

check markLED headlights

check markSingle or tandem drive axle

check mark6-speed automatic transmission

check markSpring or air suspension

Along with these features, you also get Hino Insight diagnostics, HinoWatch 24/7 assistance, Hinocare, and some of the best warranties in the industry.

The production for both XL7 and XL8 will start in 2019 and the vehicles will become available to the public in 2020. The company will begin the 4x2 axle truck production during the first quarter of 2019 and the 6x4 axle trucks production during the second quarter.

The trucks will be manufactured in Mineral Wells, W.Va. The new models will be built alongside the company’s entire lineup of trucks ranging from Class 4 to Class 8 for 2020. The company has the goal to build 2,500 trucks in this facility by 2020.

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