Landscaping: Your Truck Makes all the Difference

By: Somerville Hino   |   29 Jan 2019
Landscaping: Your Truck Makes all the Difference

Finding the right kind of truck for your landscaping business can be tricky. You need to be sure that you’re choosing reliability first and foremost, but you also need the features that make life easier and your drives a touch more exciting. A trusted Hino is a great choice, and with some great developments on the horizon, you can certainly look forward to booming business as a result of increased efficiency. 

Landscape Your Way to Business Success With The Right Trucks

The sole aim of any business is to achieve growth. This means taking on more contracts, higher profits, and of course, this requires more equipment. Vans and trucks are a staple part of any landscaping business, and a crucial tool to ensure that you make it to job sites on-time and with the right equipment loaded and ready to perform.

Whether you’re looking for a cabover, delivery truck, tow truck, or almost anything else, there is a truck to suit your needs within the Hino range. You can also be sure you’re getting reliability, which is vital when you are moving to and from different landscaping jobs throughout the day. Possible adverse weather or difficult terrains are also no problem for any Hino, which is one reason why so many business owners put their faith in us.

A hybrid truck is also a useful option, as you’re getting fuel efficiency, but a smaller truck which can carry a large load - vital for a landscaping business. That’s right, we offer hybrid trucks.

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How to Get the Right Truck at the Right Price

Every business needs to ensure cost effectiveness first and foremost and the single best way to achieve that is to know what you’re looking for. Our sales and service teams here at Somerville Hino are well-versed in the differences between our trucks and can help you make the right choice.  We always have up-to-date, quality pricing which can save plenty of cash for your business, whether you’re looking to lease or finance.
Some of the top reasons that landscapers choose Hino are:

Quality: Everyone knows that Hinos are high quality trucks. With Hino, you can be sure that you’re getting plenty of quality for your cash and a great warranty to back it up!

Reputation: Again, a strong reputation puts your mind at rest, and with a Hino, that’s exactly what you’ll find. Impressive trucks with positive customer reviews.

Cost-effectiveness: With Hino, the savings that you receive buying our brand, as well as those avoided in repairs can help keep your profits in your pockets!

Customizations: The range of Hinos we offer means you can choose the right size and type of truck for your business, without having to cut corners or compromise. We can help you upfit and find the right accessories to get the job done right.
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