Benefits of Buying a Used Hino for Your Business in 2021

By: Somerville Hino   |   25 Feb 2021
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It’s no secret that 2020 was a hard-hitting year for many industries, and automotive manufacturing & distribution did not make it through the year completely unscathed. Although there are still plenty of brand-new 2021 Hino trucks to be found (including a generous, and growing, inventory here at Somerville Hino!), the fallout from our global pandemic has created an opportunity for businesses to benefit from buying used Hinos for their fleets.

At Somerville Hino, we remain committed to helping business owners from across the GTA find creative solutions that will help their businesses continue to thrive - even through unpredictable times. Today on the Hino blog, we’re looking at the many benefits of buying used Hino trucks for Toronto businesses, and how Somerville Hino is continuing to support local business owners with their changing needs in 2021 and beyond.


Somerville Hino Trucks - 195, 258, 338

Benefits of Buying a Used Hino Truck

Hino trucks like the 195, 258 and 338 are industry-famous for their durability and longevity, making them a trustworthy choice if you’re considering buying a used truck for your fleet. Besides the fact that you simply can’t find more dependable trucks on the road, there are plenty more benefits to buying a used Hino for Greater Toronto Area businesses.

  • Save on Initial Cost. Let’s face it - buying a used vehicle means you’ll save money on up-front costs. Saving money on your initial investment frees up your cash flow to be invested in other areas of your business, which can be particularly helpful during challenging and changing times.

  • Save on Upfitting. Most Toronto businesses don’t just drive their new Hino off the lot and right into their day’s work - upfitting your trucks is a huge part of getting your fleet road-ready! Truck upfitting often includes adding seasonal equipment, storage solutions, dump boxes, refrigeration systems, shelving and so much more, in order to help your fleet perform its best. But vehicle upfitting can also require significant time and money commitments. Buying a used Hino can help you save on both, since many used trucks have already been upfitted with everything that Toronto’s most booming industries need.

  • Get More for Less. If you’re the type of business owner who is interested in getting the most bang for your buck, then buying a used truck may appeal to you. Many of our used Hinos have very little mileage on them, and some are only driven for a few months before being sold back to Somerville Hino. You’ll save money on like-new Hinos when you shop from our used truck inventory.

  • Hino Perks. When you buy a used Hino, you’re still guaranteed all the same fantastic Hino perks that you get when you buy new. From our unbeatable Hino Warranty to our open-late Service Centre in two convenient Toronto locations, we consider you part of the Hino family no matter which truck you choose.

Somerville Hino Trucks - 258 & 338

Have You Heard of Hino’s Used Truck Buy-Back Program?

If you’re on the other side of the coin, and you’re interested in selling a used truck, Hino’s Used Truck Buy-Back Program can help. Somerville Hino is always interested in adding fantastic pre-owned Hinos to our inventory, and we offer a simple, transparent and fair buy-back experience at both of our GTA locations. Learn more about our Used Truck Buy-Back Program, or contact a Somerville Hino representative to get a free appraisal for your used truck.


Somerville Hino Truck - Interior

Buy, or Sell, a Used Truck with Help from Somerville Hino

We understand how challenging 2020 & 2021 have been for thousands of businesses across the GTA, but we remain optimistic that we can all adapt and grow together. How can Somerville Hino support your local business, Toronto? Whether it’s helping you find a budget-friendly used Hino for your fleet or taking a used truck off your hands, we are dedicated to helping business owners secure the tools they need to survive and thrive in 2021. Take a look through our online inventory of used trucks, or reach out to one of our friendly Somerville Hino team members for help and support today. We are in this together!


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