Find out why Hino Trucks are a Cut Above the Rest

Hino and Isuzu are two of the largest commercial truck manufacturers in North America, and compete head-to-head in most categories. When you need a reliable commercial truck that your business can rely on, going with a Hino is the right choice. From reliability, to comfort, to Hino’s connection to Canada, you just can’t beat a Hino.

Canadian Pride

Hino has been a major presence on Canadian roads for more than 50 years. Hino commercial trucks have not only been moving Canadian companies forward for decades, they’re also assembled here. Hino trucks are produced at a 177,000 sq. ft. facility in Woodstock, ON. You can take a lot of pride when you’re driving a Hino truck assembled right here in Canada. While Isuzu has a major presence in the U.S., they don’t have a manufacturing or assembly presence in Canada.


Hino 195 vs. Isuzu NRR

The perfect example of how Hino trucks are a cut above is the medium duty commercial truck segment. The Hino 195 competes with Isuzu’s NRR in this segment, and both are quite popular, but there are some key areas where the Hino beats the Isuzu hands-down.

The Hino 195 is a dream to drive, and part of that is thanks to it’s impressive, ergonomic cab design. When you’re driving for hours at a time, Hino’s magnetic-suspension driver’s seat will make all the difference. The 195 also happens to have a stronger, more durable frame than the NRR. The Hino is approx. 32% stronger than the Isuzu and is more resistant to bending.

Can’t Beat Hino’s Warranty

Hino’s line of commercial trucks all come with 5-year warranties, so you can drive with confidence knowing your investment is protected. Hino trucks with the popular 5.1 L J05E engine are covered by a 5-year / 320,000 km warranty, and models with the legendary 7.7 L J08E engine is covered by a 5-year / 400,000 km warranty. Isuzu trucks, on the other hand, only come with 3-year factory warranties. Those extra two years of coverage add a lot of value to any Hino truck.

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