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Hino vs. Isuzu Commercial Trucks

See How Hino Stacks Up

Choosing your next commercial vehicle or fleet? Hino and Isuzu are two of the largest commercial truck manufacturers in North America, and compete head-to-head in most categories. When you need a reliable commercial truck that your business can rely on, going with a Hino is the right choice. From durability and raw strength to comfort and Hino’s superior engineering, you just can’t beat a Hino.

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Hino 195 vs. Isuzu NRR

Hino 195 vs. Isuzu NRR

Let’s kick things off with a head-to-head showdown of Hino and Isuzu’s two most popular options -- the medium-duty Hino 195 and Isuzu NRR. Just how do the two compare? Have a look for yourself:

Hino 195: 56,900 PSI Frame, 422,900 in-lb Resisting Bend Moment, long list of standard & optional interior options, quieter ride

Isuzu NRR: 44,000 PSI Frame, 316,800 in-lb Resisting Bend Moment, limited available interior options, louder noise levels

Hino 268 vs. Isuzu FTR

Hino 268 vs. Isuzu FTR

Looking for more power? Hino 268 and Isuzu FTR deliver more strength and a higher payload for heavier hauling. See how these Class 6 diesel truck options face-off when put back to back:

Hino 268: 220-260 HP @ 2500 RPM, 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine, 9,000 lb MAX Payload, Long list of standard & optional interior options

Isuzu FTR: 215 HP @ 2500 RPM, 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine, 15,690 lb MAX Payload, Limited available interior options

Superior Coverage

Outshining all of the competition, Hino’s entire line of commercial trucks come with the most comprehensive warranties on the market, so you can drive with confidence knowing your investment is protected. Compare that with Isuzu trucks and their 3-year factory warranties and those extra two years of coverage add incredible value to any Hino truck. Also important to note is that Hino is developed by the trusted engineers at Toyota -- known for producing reliable, durable vehicles that stand the test of time with unbeatable quality.

Canadian Proud

Hino has been a staple on Canadian roads for more than 50 years. Hino commercial trucks don’t just drive here -- they’re assembled in Woodstock, Ontario as they have been  since 2006! While Isuzu has a major presence in the US, they don’t have a manufacturing or assembly presence in Canada. When you choose Hino for your Canadian business, you’re investing in our economy -- and that’s something to be proud about.

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