Which Hino Body Style is Right for Your Business?

By: Somerville Hino   |   05 May 2018

Towing, landscaping, delivery, shipping—the cab-over truck market is huge in Canada and only getting bigger with the rise of small business’ and entrepreneurs. With all sorts of industries relying on commercial trucks to help their businesses thrive and grow, Hino has designed light and medium duty trucks to keep any business moving forwards. Thinking about expanding your fleet? Somerville Hino can help choose the right Hino Truck for you. Whether you’re just starting out, shopping for your first work vehicle or building out your fleet's capabilities, we will find a truck that surpasses your expectations.  Below we have just a sampling of the different models.

  Why Hino?

Hino makes powerful, endurance tested and affordable trucks in a variety of light and medium duty models. Not only does Hino offer exceptional selection and service, most models come with the ability to customize them to fit your needs. Space, configurations, and more accessories than we can list here gives each Hino owner the opportunity to make it their own. If it’s fuel economy you’re concerned about most models are available in diesel. We believe in being as customizable as possible to meet our client's diverse needs.


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Hino Models at a Glance:


Looking for lightweight? The 195- CC may be for you

The double cab configuration of the 195, the 195-CC is spacious enough to fit a crew, supplies and anything else you might need on the job without taking away from its compact maneuverability.  The Hino 195-CC has a 5L J05E Series engine coupled with a 6 speed automatic transmission. The 195 / 195-CC is available in multiple wheelbase configurations and boasts unsurpassed durability with a 56,900 PSI standard frame strength.  


Need more proof?

“The Hino 195 has a stronger frame than the Isuzu NRR – 56,900 verses 44,000 PSI, with a greater Resisting Bending Moment – 422,900 in.-lb vs 316,800 in.-lb, making the Hino’s frame approximately 32% stronger than Isuzu’s.” - H.K. Truck Center

A little more meat on the bone? Try the Hino 358

The Hino 358, is Hino’s largest and certainly one of the more capable trucks in its class. Optimized for hard work, this medium duty truck allows you to haul anything you need to get the job done.  It’s superb maneuverability, excellent visibility and undeniable power all centres around its 13,200-lbs. front axle, 23,000-lbs. rear axle and a 120,000-psi heavy-duty frame. With customization options including aluminium steps, what’s not to love?


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