Which Truck Brand Comes Out on Top for Toronto Companies?

By: Somerville Hino   |   25 Oct 2019
Peterbilt vs. Hino

Peterbilt is one of the biggest names in all of the trucking industry. They offer a wide range of commercial vehicles from smaller cabovers to massive haulers. So, how does Hino compete with this well-known, well-revered truck manufacturer? For starters, Hino has actually been around nearly as long as Peterbilt, with Hino being founded in Japan during 1942 while Peterbilt began in 1939 down in Texas. Hino has a long history in North America as well, with their first Canadian plant opening well over 40 years ago. Both manufacturers boast reliability and durability but join us as we break down comparable models to discover which brand is right for your business.

Peterbilt vs Hino

The Light-Duty Category

While Peterbilt does offer one cabover unit, the truck comes with a GVW over 26,000 lbs. When you need a lightweight truck with narrow dimensions, Hino provides real selection in this size class. Starting with the 155 and going up to the ever-popular 195, Hino has engineered a model for every need. Why should GTA businesses care about this category? If your route includes any residential areas or small downtown streets, medium-duty trucks can prove to be difficult to maneuver. Light-duty commercial vehicles are the way to go for city drivers.

Peterbilt vs Hino

The Medium-Duty Category

The smallest of the Peterbilt trucks fall into this size range, giving us some fair models to compare. Most of the “300” models including 325 and 330 are classified as medium-duty and provide drivers useful features like custom configurations, GPS navigation and a fuel-efficient engine. Put that up against Hino medium-sized commercial trucks like Hino 258, 338 and 358 and business owners have a difficult decision to make. 

Hino bases are completely customizable with all manner of boxes, cranes, flatbeds and more available to upfit each truck. Hino also offers drivers SCR systems on all models released in the past decade to help purify emissions into water vapour. Interior radio upgrades are optional and drivers love the comfort of a high-back driver’s seat with air suspension. It’s a close call for medium-duty trucks, with both brands offering durable vehicles that stand up to the task.

Peterbilt vs Hino

The Heavy-Duty Category

Competing in a sector once ruled by Peterbilt, Hino released its first heavy-duty truck line into the North American market this past year.  Hino XL brings units ranging from 35,000 GVWR all the way up to 54,600, competing with long-standing Peterbilt models like 520 and 567. With this new powerful series of conventional trucks, Hino gives business owners more options to meet their needs.

Peterbilt provides innovative perks like a smart advanced braking assistant, backup warnings and lane departure warnings, bringing truck drivers into the present era of auto technology. Hino offers advanced active safety systems on all XL models as well, including features like Electronic Stability Control, Collision Mitigation System and Lane Departure Warning. Both companies ensure drivers of their powerful machines are well equipped to keep the highways safe around them.

Which Truck Should Your Business Choose?

It’s a close call when putting Peterbilt against Hino, but a few key differences could help you make the right choice for your GTA company. Only Hino brings you Canadian-assembled units right out of a long-established plant in Woodstock, Ontario. Hino is proud of its roots here in Canada, stretching over four decades. Another factor worth considering is that any business looking for commercial vehicles suitable for driving anywhere off of major highways are limited to medium-duty trucks when buying from Peterbilt. Hino provides selection for every size class, meaning you can find the right unit for every trade and industry.

To get started, speak with one of Somerville Hino’s Sales Managers today and learn all about the Hino lineup. We’ll also introduce you to our Service Technicians who can equip your Hino with all manner of custom parts and upfitting options while keeping your truck under Hino’s impressive warranty. Stop by our location just off the 400 or browse our inventory online now and find the right truck for your company.


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